What Are You Learning?


I refer to myself as a person always learning. I like to learn. I spent many years in the classroom caring little about learning, but several years ago that all changed for me. I’m not exactly sure what happened  that flipped the learning switch, but some how I ended up in the PhD department at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary pursuing further education. In addition to formal education, I enjoy knowledge about a vast array of topics. I watch documentaries, read biographies, and feel that if I am not learning something I am wasting time (which is not always the case).

While I enjoy learning on both a formal and personal level, one classroom that I have been in recently, and always find myself in, is the classroom of God. Life is full of eventful, unexpected happenings. Some of which are good, others less than desirable. However, one cannot escape the spontaneity of life’s events.

With that being said, I have found myself in situations and circumstances over the last year or two, and beyond that, to which I am powerless, perplexed, or left with more questions than answers. Personally, times have come, gone, and will come again to which I tend to scratch my head and wonder who/what/when/where/and why this is happening. But what I have come to the conclusion of in all of life’s situations is the reality that God has something for me to learn.

So in all of life, I have started asking the question: “God, what are you trying to teach me?” When I look at different circumstances and situations in life through the lens of this question, it begins to provide an outlook to which I see purpose in all things. Scripture does not give any indication that the God of the Universe sets things in to motion, steps back, and is not actively involved with His creation every again. However, Scripture affirms that God is active within Creation, He is speaking through His Word, and He is working by way of His Holy Spirit. So the question remains: “What is He trying to teach me?”

I have found myself asking this question quite often over the last several months. With this in mind, God is teaching me so much about Himself, His character, His provision, and HIs faithfulness. He has brought me to the point in my life to which I am utterly powerless, and have nothing more to do than to trust in His provision over my life. Both in the good and in the bad, I know that God is working things together in my life for my good and for His glory (Romans 8). While this is the Scriptural truth, it is a tough pill to swallow when some of those workings may involve instances within life that are less than desirable.

Thus, I will leave everyone with the question: “What is God trying to teach you?” Consider something you may be going through, something that is good, something less than good, something leaving you with uncertainty, a job change, a financial crisis, a family issue, and ask yourself the question. I can assure you that in all of life God is trying to teach those who seek Him about who He is, His love for His people, and the glory that He rightfully deserves from all of Creation.

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