Active Theology

Here we go again….. As with most people that have blogs, I have failed to maintain mine over the last couple of years. A variety of factors might be mentioned as to why I have not successfully been a “blogger,” but we do not have the time to discern all of my failed attempts to be a writer on the internet. Regardless, I am going to give it another shot.

You might notice that this site is no longer, but now has a new domain name For quite some time, I have been wrestling with the idea of starting my own “personal” website, with my own “personal” domain name in hopes that it might be more helpful in fulfilling my overall intended purpose. The heading “Active Theology” conveys my hearts desire for all of those that operate under the heading of “Christian.”

In my theological studies, and in my experience as a Pastor, I have constantly come to grips with the reality that a lot of people have not been equipped with good theology and doctrine from God’s Word. Part of the reason I have come to this conclusion is accompanied by the way that beliefs are carried out. I think that good theology and good doctrine will by nature be practiced within one’s everyday life. With that being said, theology and doctrine is not just something that we study in order to develop a bigger brain, or know fancy words, or be able to argue this theological point over another, we study theology because it helps us to know God better and in knowing God better it helps us to love our neighbor’s better, i.e. our theology becomes active.

So, my hope of this site now launching once more is to convey a variety of things to my 2  readers (my wife and her mother). This will be accomplished through individual posts, guest posts, book reviews, cultural engagement, and anything else I think I might want to interject in between. By God’s Grace I can stick with it and communicate truth in a way that impacts all of our lives.

2 thoughts on “Active Theology

  1. Looking forward to joining your “2 readers” ha. Blogging is SO hard to keep up. We’re cheering you on! As always praying for God’s sustaining grace for you and your precious family as I am quite sure they feel the demands of ministry.


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