The Absolute of Death


In our postmodern culture, we are a people that deny absolute truth. One, many will deny the absolute truth of Scripture, to which I do not nor should anyone under the heading of Christ. Two, many deny moral absolutes. Quite frankly, a lot of people, whether in word or deed, will deny just about any type of absolute that you put in front of them.

But, regardless of where you stand on absolute truth, or moral absolutes, or any other absolutes out there, there is one absolute that we cannot deny and that is the absolute of death. I am not sure if “the absolute of death” is a real phrase or not, I may have just made it up, but the point is this, we are all going to die.

In Luke 16:19-31, we are presented with a very familiar story bout a rich man and another man named Lazarus. Both men are totally different. In fact, Lazarus lays at the gate of this rich man just hoping to be thrown some scraps to eat from time to time and actually has dogs (very degrading animals in this culture) licking his sores. But both man have an absolute, that absolute is death. They both die and the rich man descends into hell and Lazarus to the side of Abraham.

The rich man in his torment cries out to Abraham for just a drop of water on his tongue, to which he is denied. Abraham reminds him that he received good things in his life and seemingly had all that he needed, but he lacked one very important thing that would ensure him eternal life, a relationship with God. He begs to go back and warn his brothers lest they fall into the same situation as him upon death. Abraham reminds him that they have the law and the writings from Moses and the prophets. The worry then falls in the fact that this man had disregarded those things on earth and so have his brothers, but if someone comes back from the dead to tell them, surely they will believe. Again, the answer is no. If they are not convinced by the Word of God, they will not be convinced by someone returning from the dead.

So what’s the point? The point is this, we will all die. Rich, poor, black, white, big, small, tall, short, fat, skinny, we will all die. Thus, it doesn’t matter what you have on this earth, what you have done on this earth, whether you have it all, or whether you have nothing, upon your death there will be only one thing that matters and it’s whether you have repented of sin, trusted Christ, and lived your life totally sold out to Christ. We aren’t talking mediocre Christianity. We aren’t talking lukewarm faith. We are talking born again, sold out for Christ, follow Him into a cave in Asia to witness to a lost people group Christianity. We are all going to die, that is an absolute fact. Once you die, you are given no second chances, nor will be allowed to return to warn our family of the fate to come. Now is the time!

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