God Cares About Your Problems


Yesterday’s Sermon at First Baptist Church Oloh was focused upon Mark 5:21-43. We have been going through the book of Mark and if you desire to hear or watch our sermons thus far you can find them on our website www.fbcoloh.com or sermonaudio.com/fbcoloh. Nonetheless, there are so many important truths in this particular passage that we can pull from, but I briefly want to encourage you with one of the huge truths to consider when we look at our relationship with the High and Holy God and His Son Jesus Christ.

In this passage of Mark, we see two encounters that Jesus has with two different types of people, with two different types of problems. The first person we are introduced to is a man named Jairus. Jairus was the ruler of the local synagogue in charge of everything taking place in the synagogue, mainly making sure that the teaching stays orthodox. The other woman that we see Jesus encounter is nameless. But, we know she has issues.

Jairus’ daughter is very ill, the Greek would render it “on the brink of death” or “sinking fast.” This woman had a discharge of blood for 12 years. Jairus’ problem seems tremendous, his one and only daughter is dying and he is in need of Jesus. Jesus agrees to go with him to his house to see his daughter and in the process is touched by this woman and this woman is healed. As she is healed, Jesus stops as He has felt power leave Him and He has a conversation with this woman. This woman is unclean in all manners of life. Her discharge of blood makes her unclean. Being that this is the case, she is unable to enter the Temple. If she touches anyone, they are unclean and driven from the community until purification. Not only that, odds are, because of her ailment, she was unable to be married and bear children, two other cultural curses of this day.

During the exchange with this woman, Jairus receives word that his daughter has died, yet this did not throw off Jesus. Jesus works in Jesus’ time, not ours. Jesus was sovereignly aware of the circumstances and was not shaken by this news. Thus, Jesus proceeds and raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead.

So what’s the point? My point is this, no matter how big or how small you think your problem is, if you are a child of God’s, He desires to be a part of your life through every circumstance and situation. Often times we get down and think that our problems are too small for God to take time out of His busy schedule to help us and that He wants to spend His time with more important people and their problems. But what we see here from Jesus is that He desires relationship with His people, He is accessible to His people, no matter your stature, no matter how big or small you think you are or your problem is. If you are His, He wants to be involved in every area of your life.

Jairus had a name and a position. This woman had no name and no position other than the fact that she was impure and unclean. Yet, Jesus was interruptible to her as she came to Him in faith. Come to Christ in faith. As an adopted son or daughter Jesus makes it know to us that He wants intimate relationship and this involves every area of our lives. He cares about your BIG problems or your small problems. He is a good and loving Savior. Trust Him. Obey Him.

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