The Presupposition of Jesus’ Lordship


If a person refers to themself as a born-again Christian, consciously or unconsciously they are making a presupposition that Jesus is Lord. By placing themselves under the heading of a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, they are giving people the unwarranted notion that Jesus is their Lord. Thus, the next logical question that we must ask when considering this topic is what does it mean for someone to have a Lord? Or more specifically, what does it mean for someone to refer to another as Lord?

A Lord is someone of preeminence that demands obedience. A Lord is someone in whom their followers surrender their rights to. With this being the case, if an individual is to refer to Jesus as their Lord, then they are saying Jesus is of the utmost preeminence, the greatest authority, to whom they surrender all of their rights. Again, believer’s are to operate in a  manner in which they follow and surrender all that they are to Jesus as Lord. Once more, operating with the presupposition that Jesus is Lord, or supreme ruler.

So the question lies in this fact, why do so many “believer’s” go about their lives never living as if Jesus is Lord. Or better yet, why is it so difficult in so many of Jesus’ churches to do things in the manner in which He would have them to do them. Isn’t it funny that it is difficult to have people that call Jesus their Lord actually do what Jesus says to do? Or maybe this one, isn’t it wild that some “believer’s” would claim that they love Jesus but never display a love for what Jesus loves (i.e. His Church)?

It is no different today than it was in the day of Jesus. With this being the case, we can echo the words of Jesus in Luke 6:46, “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?”(ESV) So why don’t we as believers submit to Christ’s Lordship in every area of our lives? Why don’t we as believers lead the charge in having our churches submit to Christ’s Lordship in all areas of her life? Let’s lead out as God’s people, submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and living in obedience to His written Word.

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