Are You Willing?


“But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ.”

Philippians 3:7

Philippians chapter 3 is one of the most challenging chapters in the Bible for me as it calls me to evaluate my heart and what I cherish in life. Often times, we get caught up in our pursuit of things here on this earth, but rarely do we ask the question “why?” I can say for myself that there are many things that I may have pursued, or do pursue, in which my purpose and meaning of why I pursue them may get lost in what may seem to be this status or grandeur that I feel like I will possess once I obtain a goal, but is this my heart behind the pursuit, or is it just a side road that I am prone to wander down.

I’ll say this, Philippians 3 brings all of my life into perspective. Paul had everything. Given the context and the culture that surrounded him, he was moving up the Jewish ladder and was on his way to being the elite of the elite. He was being discipled by the elite, he was talking with the elite, he was rubbing shoulders with the elite, he was what he referred to himself as a “hebrew of hebrews.” Culturally and contextually speaking, Paul would have been looked at as someone that had it all. This was until he met Jesus on the road to Damascus that radically changed his life.

Upon meeting Christ his life was completely changed. It was then when he walked away from everything. He walked away from the riches. He walked away from the status. He walked away from his secured retirement. He walked away from his 401k. He walked away from his house in a nice neighborhood, his kids going to a good school, and so on and so forth (obviously I am saying these things to put it into our context). Yet, he says that it is all worth it for knowing Christ.

What am I willing to set aside and walk away from if Christ calls me to? What I am willing to give up because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord? What are you willing to walk away from and be perfectly content in doing it? I would ask you to ask yourselves these questions as I am asking myself these questions as well. How much do I really cherish my relationship with Christ and to what lengths am I willing to go for that relationship? I know what the answer should be, but in reality is this what the answer actually is?

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