The Grace of the Law


Psalm 119 offers a love for God’s Law that is more vividly explained than anywhere else in Scripture. The writer of this Psalm expresses a great love for the Law of God and the Word that has been so graciously given to Him as it edifies, sanctifies, and reminds him of the grace of Almighty God. You and I are prone to ask, how in the world can someone be so grateful for the Law? Doesn’t the Law say that you can’t eat crawfish? Doesn’t the Law restrict me from having any type of fun and offers me so many rules and regulations that I can’t follow?

While we would look at it from a negative point of view, this is not the way that the Jews viewed the Law. The Jews saw this as a grace given to them that allowed them to have a relationship with the Almighty God of all creation. The Law was their ability to know God, to trust in God, to see what God required out of them in order to keep them in the right standing with Him. The Law was their ability to please God as God had so graciously given them so many things. And it is with this mindset that the writer of Psalm 119 explodes with joy at the thought, reading, and admiration of being able to possess this Law.

The Psalmist has a singular focus in this Psalm. The singular focus is upon the God of all things, not on the things of this world, but upon the One True God that has blessed him with the Law. You see, where we see condemnation, the Jews saw salvation. Where we would see bondage, the Jews would see freedom. So if the writer of this Psalm had such a love and desire for God’s Word through the Law, how much more should we express a love for God’s Word, the closed canon, as well as God’s eternal Word, Jesus Christ. When I read this Psalm, I pray that I would have a burning desire within me for the Word of God that is just a portion of the desire that the Psalmist possesses. I think that we can learn a lot from the love of the Law that the Psalmist expresses and translate that over to our own lives as a love for the Holy Written Word of God and the Eternal Word which is Christ.

Do you love God’s Word? Do you express that love through daily meditation upon it? Do you pray God’s Word, sing God’s Word, sit under God’s Word, and learn from God’s Word? These are all questions to ponder as we all seek God on a regular basis and stay connected to the Vine, which is the Christ.

Bringing It Back

Hello people. I have taken a hiatus from the blog for quite sometime but I feel that it is time to bring it back. I am a small person but it seems that since there have been 673 views take place over the last little while, it may be a good time to bring it back. I also think that this could be a means in which I can chronicle my journey as a Husband, Father, Pastor, Life-long Student, etc., in order to encourage and exhort others from my life and from God’s Word. Keep your eyes peeled for the blogs that will be coming. I am not sure how often, but at least once per week.